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Carmen and Chaplain
Interpreting in Palliative Care, a course developed with support from the California HealthCare Foundation

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Available courses

This event is over. Participants who signed up prior to July 19, 9:00AM Pacific may enter to review the webinar materials.

Concepts, skills and terminology for interpreters in palliative care and end-of-life settings. $35 enrollment fee/30 days access. 7 instructional hoursWhat language pairs does the course support?

An overview of the organs and functions of the gastrointestinal system, including some common diseases, clinical procedures and useful terminology. $35 enrollment fee/30 days access. 3 instructional hours.

Concepts and vocabulary specific to the Anticoagulation (Coumadin) Clinic, as well as  principles that will help in any medical or surgical specialty.  $35 enrollment fee/30 days access. 2 instructional hours.

Tips and tricks to help interpreters get more useful results from internet searches (e.g. Google). $20 enrollment fee/30 days access. 1 instructional hour.

A webinar recording (audio plus slides) on concepts and terminology encountered when interpreting on Oncology topics (cancer). Recommended for Arabic interpreters, but open to all. $20 enrollment fee, 1 instructional hour.

A webinar recording (audio plus a few slides) on dealing with cultural misconceptions, interpretation of certain terminology and the challenges of bridging the communication gap between Arabic-speaking patients and English-speaking providers. Recommended for Arabic interpreters, but open to all. $20 enrollment fee, 1 instructional hour.

A brief introduction to the ethics of healthcare interpreting, based on prevailing standards set by professional associations in the field. $20 enrollment fee/30 days access. 1 instructional hour.

A 19-minute video for clinicians and healthcare administrators on why and how to use trained interpreters. Free.
Requires a modern browser with support for HTML5 video.

Useful links for medical education, bi-lingual dictionaries, professional organizations and more. Free

(Restricted) Materials relevant to interpreters at member hospitals of the Health Care Interpreter Network

(Restricted) Advice and protocols for remote interpreting on the Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN), developed by the HCIN Quality Director. 

This event is over. Participants will receive an email link to claim their certificates.