REVIEW MATERIALS: Webinar on Interpreting Medical Rounds

Slide presentation by Maria Cristina Mella, CHI, and Aida Couch, CHI of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, with practice clips (below).

This webinar focuses on helping medical interpreters to improve particular skills required to provide effective language access support during medical rounds.  The participant will learn the critical importance of maintaining transparency, knowing how to use simultaneous interpreting mode, all while understanding the importance of mastering terminology including particular acronyms commonly used during rounds by medical providers.

The presentation is linked here, in unedited form, primarily for review by participants in the live webinar. Other interpreters are welcome to watch, however CEU credits are only available for participants who pre-enrolled in the event and participated in real time.

Find the "Play" button below to begin the video. You may also see a "Full Screen" button, which may help on a mobile device. The main presenters begin at 4:25.

Slide Presentation:


Practice Clip 1: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Practice Clip 2: Type I Diabetes

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